Reality Show Star Snooki Sports Kymaro Body Shaper

Reality Show Star Snooki, from "Jersey Shore", wears the Kymaro Body Shaper! Image from Zap2It Dish Rag

Every beautiful woman has a few beauty tricks tucked up her fashionable sleeves, and the rest of us are just lucky when we get let in on the secret! We were delighted to learn recently that one of the beauty secrets of Snooki, from the reality show, Jersey Shore, is none other than our very own Kymaro Body Shaper!

According to US Magazine, Snooki was spotted buying Kymaro body shapers from Panache Boutique at Foxwoods. Zap2It’s Dish Rag also confirms that Kymaro body shapers are part of Snooki’s arsenal of beauty aids. According to the article, Snooki confirmed that she has been wearing the Kymaro Body Shaper upper to give her even tighter look after already losing a few inches on Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet from GNC.

We think Snooki is looking leaner than ever, and are happy the Kymaro body shaper top is a part of her secret. We know for a fact from all the reviews and emails we get that the Kymaro Body Shaper is the body firming secret for many, many women out there! The Kymaro body shaper is comfortable to wear all day, every day, hides the rolls and bulges traditional under garments can leave behind, and is really affordable. You can just wear the top, like Snooki, or couple the top with the Kymaro Sody Shaper bottoms for extra shaping.

If you want to see what Snooki’s beauty secret is all about for yourself, check out the Kymaro Body Shaper offer on the website, and try it out!


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