The Fabulous Kymaro Beauty Boa!

As a little girl, I could never pass a feather boa without wrapping it around my neck, and vamping it up! But, who am I kidding? I STILL can’t resist a fabulous feather boa! What glamor girl can, really?

But boas aren’t terribly practical, right? Well, Kymaro has created a  boa that is both fabulous, and useful! The Kymaro Beauty Boa adds instant glamor to any outfit! Kymaro Beauty Boas are fully adjustable with separate sections of elastic that the high quality turkey feathers are sewn onto. Little plastic clips attach the boas to your clothing hems for an instant transformation!

Each Kymaro Beauty Boa set comes with one large Beauty Boa, two medium Beauty Boas, two small Beauty Boas, and a style guide full of tips, tricks, and ideas. Kymaro Beauty Boas come in five different colors — black, steel blue, deep chocolate brown, crimson, and bright fuchsia.

Go ahead glamor girl — strike a pose! The spotlight’s on you!


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