Kymaro Twitter Love!

For a few months now, we at Kymaro have been enjoying exploring the quickly expanding Twitterverse! If you aren’t already part of Twitter, you’ve at least heard about it, no doubt. This microblogging website exploded, and tweets are flying at record volume. According to a report, the daily number of tweets expanded from 2 million a day in January 2009 to 50 million a day in January 2010.

We’re excited to be part of that Twitter explosion, and enjoy communicating with our fans and consumers! We’ve also discovered a lot of celebs who are on Twitter — how fun is it communicating with your favorite stars, and following their Twitter stream?!

During our recent appearance at the Oscars Gifting Suite just a couple of weeks ago, we made some wonderful new friends, and encourage you to follow them too! Not all of them are on Twitter, but you’d be surprised how many are on Twitter now.  And follow us too, of course, at @Kymaro!

You can follow the one and only Kevin Sorbo, best known for playing Hercules, but he’s been in loads of other movies and TV shows as well. And you’ll never meet a nicer guy! Follow Kevin Sorbo at @ksorbs. Kali Hawk was another lovely soul, and funny as anything! Remember her from “Couples Retreat”? Follow Kali at @KaliHawk. Shelby Young, instantly recognizable to any “Days of Our Lives” fan was a true treat to meet, and so charming! She even Tweeted us a very sweet thank you for her Kymaro products! Check it out, she loved the Bust-Up Cups (can’t fault her there, we do too!). Follow Shelby at @shelby_young. And last, (but certainly never least!) was the lovely Aubry Fisher who is now featured on “LA Ink,” but whom you also may remember from the VH1 reality series “Rock of Love.” Follow Aubry at @AUBRYLAINK.

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