Kymaro Bust Up Cups Always Impress!

We’ve gotten a lot of love lately for our Kymaro Bust Up Cups, including from Shelby Young, who received a set of Bust Up Cups at the Oscar’s Gifting Suite we attended a few weeks ago, and absolutely loved them!

The Kymaro Bust Ups really are pretty amazing. Like most great ideas, the design is simple, but the results are truly impressive! Kymaro Bust Up Cups fit into any bra or swimsuit (that’s right, they’re waterproof!) to offer a shapelier, sexier figure.

No matter what size you are, Bust Up Cups ™, with their patent-pending design, mold to your unique shape. They won’t leak or wear out like other inserts on the market. Plus, only Bust Up Cups ™ offers you lift and support while being lightweight and breathable, thanks to the specially designed holes that keep you comfortable!

If you’ve been thinking of trying out the Kymaro Bust Up Cups, now’s a great time to do it. When you order a set of Bust Up Cups, you’ll receive a few other cool items that complement them:

1) 3 bra clips in nude, white, & black
These clips can be worn with any bra, and instantly hides unsightly bra straps. Wear them with all your favorite tops, even with razorback tanks!
2) 1 pair of clear X-Bra straps
These straps are clear, they easily hook into any convertible bra making the straps virtually invisible!
3) 10 Double Sided Fashion Tapes
This fashion tape come in two different sizes for a total of 10. They will keep all of your button down blouses and low cut neck lines in place. You can also use them to create an instant hem-line in your skirt or even fix a torn one when you’re in a hurry!

We think you’ll enjoy the Kymaro Bust Up Cups as much as we do. Let us know what you think!

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