Every gal has a pair of skinny jeans tucked away in the back of her closet, but we believe you should be able to wear your skinny jeans everyday, and love your body now! That’s why we developed the Kymaro Curve Control Jeans using the same body shaping technology found in our much-loved Kymaro body shapers. These jeans hug and enhance your curves like no other jeans, giving lift where you need it, and banishing that dreaded muffin-top left behind by other jeans.

But don’t  take our word for it. There are several recent reviews tooting our horn for us! Kymaro Curve Control Jeans made a second appearance recently on ItsAGlamThing.com on the list of Lisa’s Latest Fave Things. There was also a really nice review on Second City Style touting touting these “Recession Friendly Jeans” that can make you look like you’ve lost 10 lbs.! SheSheMe.com loves the “magical” Kymaro Curve Control Jeans that “makes everyone look their best.”

We’re thrilled so many women are learning to love their jeans again, and we honestly think you’ll love the Kymaro Curve Control Jeans too! But now we can honestly say, “don’t take our word for it!”

Did you know that Kymaro Bust Up Cups were part of the Miss America Pageant Gift Bag! We think it’s pretty cool too!

WOW! Creations, a Los Angeles based Gift Bag provider, compiled the Miss America Gift Bags with a variety of useful products, including the Kymaro Bust Up Cups, to give to the contestants and celebrity judges at the 89th Annual Miss America Pageant this year, hosted at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Congratulations to winner Miss Virginia, Caressa Cameron, on becoming Miss America 2010!

The Kymaro Bust Up Cups really were an ideal choice for the Miss America Pageant Gift Bag. Kymaro Bust Up Cups create sexy, deep cleavage and can increase your cup size by one to two sizes instantly, while offering lift and support. Kymaro Bust Up Cups can be worn inside any bra, as well as swimsuits as they’re waterproof! Lightweight and breathable, Kymaro Bust Up Cups look natural while giving you that shapelier figure you’ve always wanted. Of course, you don’t have to be in a pageant to wear them! Order yours now from UBuyEZ.com.

MyOrganizedChaosWhat’s not to love about a good contest?

We certainly do, especially when the prize is a Kymaro Body Shaper!

MyOrganizedChaos.net, a fun blog managed by Tammi, a Canadian mom “trying to balance life with Twins +1,” is hosting the contest. Two blog readers will win a Kymaro Body Shaper set, both top and bottom.

Kymaro Body ShaperAs Tammi says on her blog, the Kymaro Body Shaper is perfect for new moms who are still working on getting back to their pre-baby shape and need a little help smoothing out the trouble spots. The Kymaro Body Shaper is comfortable enough to wear daily, and very breathable. It also doesn’t curl up like many shapers do, and really is invisible under your clothing. They’re great for any woman looking for a little shape help!

Entering the contest is easy. All you have to do is visit  UbuyEZ, the official online retailer of the Kymaro Body Shaper, and tell Tammi something that you learned about the Kymaro Body Shaper. But if that’s not enough, you can get EXTRA entries, too! Here’s how:

  • Follow My Chaos (with Google Friend Connect)
  • Subscribe to the blog via reader or email
  • Become a My Organized Fan on Facebook
  • Add the My Organized Fan Button to your website
  • Blog about this giveaway (don’t worry, we’re not doing this for an entry, just to spread the word!), with a link back to MyOrganizedChaos.net.
  • Follow Tammi on Twitter {@MyChaos} and tweet! You can tweet once per day for an entry.

Have fun with the contest, and good luck! We look forward to seeing the fun entries she gets, and who wins!

As a little girl, I could never pass a feather boa without wrapping it around my neck, and vamping it up! But, who am I kidding? I STILL can’t resist a fabulous feather boa! What glamor girl can, really?

But boas aren’t terribly practical, right? Well, Kymaro has created a  boa that is both fabulous, and useful! The Kymaro Beauty Boa adds instant glamor to any outfit! Kymaro Beauty Boas are fully adjustable with separate sections of elastic that the high quality turkey feathers are sewn onto. Little plastic clips attach the boas to your clothing hems for an instant transformation!

Each Kymaro Beauty Boa set comes with one large Beauty Boa, two medium Beauty Boas, two small Beauty Boas, and a style guide full of tips, tricks, and ideas. Kymaro Beauty Boas come in five different colors — black, steel blue, deep chocolate brown, crimson, and bright fuchsia.

Go ahead glamor girl — strike a pose! The spotlight’s on you!

Reality Show Star Snooki, from "Jersey Shore", wears the Kymaro Body Shaper! Image from Zap2It Dish Rag

Every beautiful woman has a few beauty tricks tucked up her fashionable sleeves, and the rest of us are just lucky when we get let in on the secret! We were delighted to learn recently that one of the beauty secrets of Snooki, from the reality show, Jersey Shore, is none other than our very own Kymaro Body Shaper!

According to US Magazine, Snooki was spotted buying Kymaro body shapers from Panache Boutique at Foxwoods. Zap2It’s Dish Rag also confirms that Kymaro body shapers are part of Snooki’s arsenal of beauty aids. According to the article, Snooki confirmed that she has been wearing the Kymaro Body Shaper upper to give her even tighter look after already losing a few inches on Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet from GNC.

We think Snooki is looking leaner than ever, and are happy the Kymaro body shaper top is a part of her secret. We know for a fact from all the reviews and emails we get that the Kymaro Body Shaper is the body firming secret for many, many women out there! The Kymaro body shaper is comfortable to wear all day, every day, hides the rolls and bulges traditional under garments can leave behind, and is really affordable. You can just wear the top, like Snooki, or couple the top with the Kymaro Sody Shaper bottoms for extra shaping.

If you want to see what Snooki’s beauty secret is all about for yourself, check out the Kymaro Body Shaper offer on the UBuyEZ.com website, and try it out!

Lady Gaga in Kymaro Body Shaper

Lady Gaga Looking Amazing in a Kymaro Body Shaper -- Photo from The Huffington Post

What an unexpected surprise to see this fabulous photo in The Huffington Post of Lady Gaga wearing the Kymaro Body Shaper!

Well-known for her boundary-pushing fashion forays, Lady Gaga’s most recent outfit features a nude-colored Kymaro Body Shaper. We think she looks amazing! This is by no means Lady Gaga’s most outlandish outfit, but we have to confess, it’s definitely our fave! Check out stories about Lady Gaga’s newest concert costumery in stories reported by the L.A. Times and The Huffington Post.

The Kymaro Body Shaper is available from UBuyEZ.com for $39.95. Not that the lovely Lady Gaga slipped on the Kymaro Body Shaper for the undergarment’s slimming effects, but the Kymaro Body Shaper can help smooth out the rolls and bulges that traditional undergarments leave behind, as well as slim the wearer down 2 dress sizes.

Right now, UBuyEZ.com has special offers with the Kymaro Body Shaper. If you buy the top in either nude or black for $39.95, you can get also get free Body Shaper Shorts and a free Body Shaper Cami for the cost of shipping and handling. You can also purchase a second top at half off with free shipping and handling.

While we don’t necessarily recommend the rest of the world should try wearing the Kymaro Body Shaper as an outergarment, we’re happy to see Lady Gaga pull it off so successfully. Here’s to you, Lady Gaga, for pushing the fashion frontier ever forward — we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

I have a friend who has a larger dog, cute dog, well mannered. However I have a wood floor and every time my friend comes over with his pooch the dog scratches up my floors and literally slides across them. Dogs must have their nails trimmed to ensure healthy wood floors as well as healthy pets. He was hesitant to try and clip them and I told him about the Peticure pet nail filer which is different than trimming. The Peticure provides a controlled and safe experience for filing your pet’s nails. Nail care is an essential part of your dog’s comfort and proper care. Overgrown nails can cause a variety of problems from deformed feet, hip and back problems, to torn nails. Using Peticure protects your expensive hardwood floors and furniture, in seconds your dog’s nails are rounded and smooth. The Peticure is safe for dogs and cats alike! Peticure has the covered seal of approval from the International Society of Canine Cosmetology. The peticure petite includes the peticure safeguard 

Purchase the Peticure from Kymaro at Ubuyez.com here Oh we love our pets and we know you do also so we thought we would share some cute pictures of dogs and cats we found! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Remember if you are looking for savings and discounts on Kymaro products from Ubuyez.com simply sign up to become our facebook fan and get instant notifications when we have a sale! 

CUTE Pets Pics!!


This is so fantastic and here at Kymaro we are VERY happy to bring you another fantastic product. You are going to LOVE this hair straightener which is completely rechargeable! Achieve super smooth straight hair in just minutes! Kymaro’s ® Rechargeable Hair Straightener is the perfect tool for the person who wants to look their best but is always on the go. Compact, lightweight, and cordless, it is perfect for travel and easily fits inside your purse or travel bag. No cord means you can have shiny, silky hair anywhere any time! Straighten your hair at work, after the gym, WHEREVER you want!

Kymaro’s ® Rechargeable Hair Straightener has 17 different temperature settings from 250 ºF- 400 ºF. The Rechargeable Hair Straightener creates a shiny and smooth finish to your hair. It’s rechargeable, cordless, portable, and comes with interchangeable adapters for international uses. It can even be charged in your car with the available car charger!

Women all over the world LOVE the Kymaro curve control jeans and YOU could also have your won pair, they fit great, feel fantastic and really help you to have a crisp put together appearance! Check out another shappy customer Heidi!

Heidi – “I slimmed down 4 inches with these jeans. They are so comfortable too, I want several pair so I can wear them everyday. I haven’t looked this good since I had my kids! Really!” ORDER YOUR PAIR TODAY!

Kymaro™ has specially designed the cut of the Curve Control ™ Jeans and we are absolutely positive we have a perfect fitting size for you no matter what you’ve experienced in the past!! And always remember the Kymaro Guarantee…if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return the Curve Control ™ Jeans, and the New Bottom Shaper gift is yours to keep absolutely free, no questions asked. There is no other jean on the market that even comes close to Kymaro’s Curve Control ™ Jeans!! ORDER YOUR PAIR TODAY!

The Kymaro® New Body Shaper is the fastest and safest way to take off inches in all the important places where we can’t seem to lose the weight. Plus, these amazing undergarments smooth out the rolls and bulges, giving the simple look of a sleek and slender body. Everyone will be asking you how you lost the weight! No other shaper out there compares to this! See more Kymaro videos on our YouTube channel and share our videos with friends and family members you think would LOVE our products and want to try them!

Kymaro Body Shaper Benefits

– Slim down 2 dress sizes
– Easy to put on and take off
– Can wear under any clothing
– Very comfortable
– Hide those unsightly bulges immediately!
– Reshapes your body due to loss of muscle tone.

Also if you want to submit any positive reviews and before and after photos of YOU in our Kymaro Body Shaper please send them to PMG @ ubuyez.com we look forward to hearing your positive comments about the Kymaro Body Shaper.. Hmm perhaps YOU could be featured in our next Kymaro video!

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