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Author and editor of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, Susan M. Heim, offered her advice about looking thin and feeling great. After three pregnancies and four children, she admits that her body isn’t what it used to be. Trying out the Kymaro New Body Shaper, she was shocked and very pleased to see the results. She tried out both the Kymaro New Body Shaper and the New Bottom Shaper – and even including pictures of her “before” and “after” results on her popular blog!

“When I was asked to try Kymaro’s New Body Shaper and New Bottom Shaper, I was eager to test them out. These undergarments are designed to smooth you out, reduce the “jiggles,” and make you look slimmer!”
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And, not to forget high school girls and their self esteem issues, she also highlighted the Kymaro “Say Yes to the Prom Dress” contest that is going on right now. This nationwide contest for high school students offers teens the chance to win a head-to-toe makeover for prom. Learn more about it at Susan M. Heim’s website or on the Kymaro Facebook page.

Kelly Bensimon using Kymaro "Fix My Roots"

Kelly Bensimon using Kymaro 'Fix My Roots'

Kelly Bensimon, star of “Real Housewives of New York City,” was seen touching up her roots to match her haircolor with KYMARO “Fix My Roots”.

KYMARO Health & Beauty / Spa Essentials, a comprehensive line of beauty/grooming and shapewear, makes it convenient for busy women, like Kelly, to get the beauty maintenance they need while on the go.

“As summer rapidly approaches us, women are looking for an affordable and easy way to keep their haircolor fresh. Like most of us, Ms. Bensimon spends a lot of time at the beach, where the sun, salt water and chlorine can damage your haircolor,” says Romy Fazeli, Creative Director of KYMARO. “We are delighted to hear that Ms. Bensimon is such a fan of Fix My Roots and are pleased to add her name to our growing celebrity roster.”

Kelly Bensimon enjoys Kymaro!

It's the perfect product for all the multi-tasking mothers!

Multi-tasking isn’t easy,” says Ms. Bensimon. “I was so excited to find out about KYMARO Fix My Roots, it’s easy to travel with and easy to use. Cheap and quick, it’s the perfect product for multi-tasking mothers out there!

KYMARO Fix My Roots is a beauty tool that fixes your worst hair nightmares in just seconds with no mixing and no hassle! This innovative hair mascara can cover gray, dark or light roots without flaking or rubbing off and comes in seven different color options. The special formula bonds to your hair and washes out when shampooed.

Fix My Roots is an easy-to-use and mess free tool that applies expert color to your hair with both control and precision.

Kelly Bensimon loves Kymaro!

Jill Zarin loves the Kymaro New Body Shaper!

Jill Zarin loves the Kymaro Body Shaper!

At the launch party for her new book “Secrets of a Jewish Mother,” Jill Zarin announced that her “secret to hiding the love handles her grandmother so kindly passed down to her were thanks to Kymaro Body Shapers.”

The Real Housewives star, and mom of 4, proudly rocks the $39.99 KYMARO Infomercial Girdles to suck her in and smooth her out in all the right places.

Zarin later told all of her guests to go purchase a pair and that this is the “real secret behind her fine Jewish Hiney.

Jill Zarin wears the Kymaro New Body Shaper!

"Shhh... Kymaro's Body Shaper is my little secret!"

The days are getting warmer, summer dresses and shorts are coming out, and folks are realizing just how pale their winter skin really is! Kymaro has a much healthier option for bronzing those legs and shoulders than laying out in the sun for hours. Why risk skin cancer, when you can use the Kymaro Sunless System?

The Kymaro Sunless Tanning System is much more than those creams you buy at the drug store that, as often as not, make you look like you’ve been drinking gallons of carrot juice! Kymaro uses a 3 part system, which includes exfoliation, moisturizing lotion, and a sunless light wand to achieve that perfect sunless tan! Kymaro’s Body Scrub has a dual exfoliating and conditioning action that gently buffs dead skin away while the soothing and moisturizing properties of plant extracts reveal satin soft skin. Following exfoliation, Kymaro’s Sunless Tanning Lotion is a dye-free formula. Walnut extract provides a beautiful and natural color tone (no orange here!), Rose Hip oil strengthens, moisturizes, and stimulates dry and sensitive skin, while Green Tea Leaf extracts supplies antioxidants to rejuvenate the skin. Kymaro’s Sunless lotion also contains Retinol, which is known to reverse the effects of aging and environmental factors.

The Wow! Creations Oscar's Gift Bag with Kymaro Sunless Tanning System

But here’s where the Kymaro Sunless Tanning System really sets itself apart. With many creams, by the time you know if you’ve applied your sunless tanning cream evenly, it’s too late to correct streaks or missed spots. Not so with the Kymaro system. The Kymaro Sunless Tanning System added a light responsive formula so you can check where you have applied the lotion with an included light wand. Simply use the light wand in a dimly lit room, and it will highlight where you have applied the lotion, allowing you to correct any mistakes before it’s too late.

The Kymaro Sunless Tanning System was actually part of the Wow! Creations Gift Bag at this year’s Academy Awards! You too can sport a celebrity-worthy tan. offers several options for purchasing the kit, including the option to buy a second full kit at 25% off.

Kymaro Table at the Oscars Gifting Lounge

Kymaro Table at Oscars Gifting Lounge

The Wow! Creations Oscar's Gift Bag with Kymaro Sunless Tanning System

Kymaro had the amazing opportunity, recently, to be a part of an Oscar Gifting Suite! It was a whirlwind of a day that started with set-up at 9:30 am in the Penthouse of the Luxe Hotel, and didn’t slow down until the gifting lounge closed at 5:30pm. We had all of our Kymaro products neatly displayed, from Kymaro Body Shapers to the Kymaro Sunless Tanning System to Glamour Eyes eyelash extensions.

According to the Huffington Post, this was a record year for gifting suites, but we were lucky enough to be a part of the WOW! Creations Celebrity Lifestyle Gifting Lounge — definitely the coolest one of them all!

We met loads of celebrities and many other great people in the film industry. Check out a few pics here taken in the lounge — everyone from Shelby Young to Shirly Brener stopped by the table. You can see even more pics of the Oscars Gifting Lounge here! And check out the full Wow! Creations Oscar Gift Bag, which included the Kymaro Sunless Tanning System. It was truly an unforgettable experience leading up to a truly unforgettable Oscars night!

Brody Hutzler Gives Kymaro a Thumbs Up!

Brody Hutzler Gives Kymaro a Thumbs Up!

Chet Cannon from The Real World

Chet Cannon from The Real World Stops by to Visit Kymaro's World!

Natalina Maggio Shows Off her Kymaro Bag!

Natalina Maggio Shows Off her Kymaro Bag!

As a little girl, I could never pass a feather boa without wrapping it around my neck, and vamping it up! But, who am I kidding? I STILL can’t resist a fabulous feather boa! What glamor girl can, really?

But boas aren’t terribly practical, right? Well, Kymaro has created a  boa that is both fabulous, and useful! The Kymaro Beauty Boa adds instant glamor to any outfit! Kymaro Beauty Boas are fully adjustable with separate sections of elastic that the high quality turkey feathers are sewn onto. Little plastic clips attach the boas to your clothing hems for an instant transformation!

Each Kymaro Beauty Boa set comes with one large Beauty Boa, two medium Beauty Boas, two small Beauty Boas, and a style guide full of tips, tricks, and ideas. Kymaro Beauty Boas come in five different colors — black, steel blue, deep chocolate brown, crimson, and bright fuchsia.

Go ahead glamor girl — strike a pose! The spotlight’s on you!