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Lady Gaga in Kymaro Body Shaper

Lady Gaga Looking Amazing in a Kymaro Body Shaper -- Photo from The Huffington Post

What an unexpected surprise to see this fabulous photo in The Huffington Post of Lady Gaga wearing the Kymaro Body Shaper!

Well-known for her boundary-pushing fashion forays, Lady Gaga’s most recent outfit features a nude-colored Kymaro Body Shaper. We think she looks amazing! This is by no means Lady Gaga’s most outlandish outfit, but we have to confess, it’s definitely our fave! Check out stories about Lady Gaga’s newest concert costumery in stories reported by the L.A. Times and The Huffington Post.

The Kymaro Body Shaper is available from for $39.95. Not that the lovely Lady Gaga slipped on the Kymaro Body Shaper for the undergarment’s slimming effects, but the Kymaro Body Shaper can help smooth out the rolls and bulges that traditional undergarments leave behind, as well as slim the wearer down 2 dress sizes.

Right now, has special offers with the Kymaro Body Shaper. If you buy the top in either nude or black for $39.95, you can get also get free Body Shaper Shorts and a free Body Shaper Cami for the cost of shipping and handling. You can also purchase a second top at half off with free shipping and handling.

While we don’t necessarily recommend the rest of the world should try wearing the Kymaro Body Shaper as an outergarment, we’re happy to see Lady Gaga pull it off so successfully. Here’s to you, Lady Gaga, for pushing the fashion frontier ever forward — we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!